The urban landscape is the inspiration for my paintings. I have a passion for architecture, buildings and structure; their overall size and design can be both awesome and humbling. It is when I’m walking around cities that I am inspired to paint a specific building or view. The majority of my paintings are centred on London, this is due to my fondness for the city and it is my home.

Buildings are composed of defined lines, which is reflected in my work. I paint using flat colours and hard edges. I paint using household gloss paints, this gives the work a vibrant, polished, shiny and crisp appearance. I like to work on a large scale as I feel it increases the importance and stature of a painting.

I have successfully completed several commissions including ones for The National Health Service, British Telecom and Esquire Magazine. I have completed several corporate commissions including one for a top London Insurance company and another for a global Hedge Fund Managers headquarters. The Professional Footballers’ Association and Transport for London have purchased my work.